26 September 2022

Supporting Bullied Children through Maven

As we are still in the very early days of school, we are all aware of some of the unfortunate events children encounter at school such as bullying. Although we cannot bully-proof the world for our children, Maven has thoughtfully shared some pointers on how to support your child through bullying and help them develop the skills needed to stand up against bullies. About 20% of U.S youth experience bullying nationwide and 28% of kids reporting bullying are of middle school between grade 6th and 8th.

According to Maven’s Mental Health therapist, bullying involves repeated, unwanted aggressive behaviors by an individual or group that includes an imbalance of power and often inflicts physical, psychological or social harm on another child. Bullying takes many shapes and form and can sometimes presents itself as: 1) Physical bodily harm such as hitting or kicking, 2) name calling, verbal or written threats, 3) posting damaging content online, 4) Behavior that harm relationships or social status such as spreading rumors.

The first step in helping children experiencing bullying is recognizing the following signs: 1) Decline in grades, 2) Not wanting to go to school 3) Loss of interest in pleasurable activities, 4) Unexplained injuries.

As parents, we know how important it is to provide a safe space for children, therefore we must approach these delicate situations with patience, empathy and compassion. Children experiencing bullying should know it’s not their fault, they should feel supported and know you can work together for formulate a plan.

Maven suggests taking a casual and open-minded approach when starting conversation regarding bullying, and not to overreact to the information received. Instead, listen and communicate you want to support them by suggesting actions your child can take the next time it occurs. Research has also showed some intervention to bullying include: 1) Getting help from a trusted adult or peer, 2) Being assertive, 3) If able, avoid location of the incident, 4) Use of positive self-talk to avoid internalizing bullying, 5) Practice staying calm as strong emotional can be a goal of bullying, 6) Defuse the situation with humor.

If bullying happens in school, Maven recommends parents to meet with their child’s school staff to determine interventions and support to be put in place to help keep the child safe. If bullying is taking place on social media, parents can monitor their child’s account and access to their devices. Bullying does not end overnight. Regular check ins with your child goes a long way and shows them your support.

If you require further parenting advices for bullying or have any parenting needs, visit https://www.mavenclinic.com/

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