21 February 2023

2023 Virgin Pulse- Wellness Program


All employees, including spouses (if applicable) who are enrolled in a SMP-sponsored medical plan, must individually complete the yearly Wellness Program through Virgin Pulse from separate accounts before October 15, 2023. Failure to meet the deadline will result in a surcharge of $600 for the following year.

To be considered fully compliant with the Wellness Program, you must complete all 3 required sections on Virgin Pulse:

1) Know your Numbers: Complete ONLY the Biometric Screening form (Please, make sure the Biometric Screening form is always signed and dated by the Primary Care Provider).

2) Be Tobacco Free: Complete EITHER the Nicotine Free Agreement Date Attestation form OR the Tobacco Journey if you use tobacco of any kind.

Note: The tobacco journey takes a minimum of 19 days.

3) Preventive Care: Complete EITHER an Annual Dental Exam, OR any Cancer Screening Date Attestation form, OR Register with Spring Health, our new mental health vendor.

Cancer Screenings: Colonoscopy, Mammogram, Pap test, PSA, Skin Cancer.

*Date of service can be between October 16th 2022 and October 15th 2023. Our medical plan allows for one annual physical per year and it does not require 12 months in between appointments.

I have attached both an Instruction Guide and a One Pager on how to complete all 3 required sections on Virgin Pulse.

For additional assistance on how to complete the Wellness Program, please reach out to your local HR team. For all technical issues, please contact Virgin Pulse support team at Support@virginpulse.com or 1-888-671-9395. Thank you.