Frequently Asked Questions


When will my child (ren) dependent be removed off my medical, dental and/or vision coverage?

The end of the year in which your child (ren) dependent turns 26 years old.

Can I switch from my PPO to HDHP? Will there be any penalties?

you can make any changes to your benefits during Open Enrollment or if you have a qualifying life event throughout the year. There are no penalties, however please be sure you understand the plan that you are electing.

What is an embedded deductible (PPO Medical)?

In plans that have an embedded deductible, the full family deductible includes an individual deductible. In other words, an individual deductible is embedded within the family deductible. Once a plan member meets the individual deductible, claims for that person will be covered according to the plan, even if the full family deductible hasn’t been met. But one person’s claims will not satisfy more than the individual deductible. At least one other family member’s claims need to count toward the remaining family deductible until the plan’s family deductible amount is met.

What is a non-embedded deductible (HSA Medical)?

Under a non-embedded deductible, all family members qualify for plan benefits, if the total deductible amount is met by one or any combination of covered individuals. This means the cost of one individual’s care can meet the deductible for the whole family. Or the cost of care for any combination of family members can meet it. But no one receives any plan benefits until the total deductible is met.

Why am I seeing a cost when I went in for a physical?

You are seeing a cost because your provider either coded your visit incorrectly or they did additional work outside of the annual preventative services covered 100%.

Virgin Pulse

How do I sign up for Virgin Pulse?

You can sign up for Virgin Pulse through Enrollment ( In the Search Bar, enter the sponsor organization’s name: STAN then select “Standard Motor Products

Does my spouse need to complete the requirements as well?

Yes. If your spouse is your dependent, you and must spouse must both complete the Wellness Program on separate accounts. Your spouse must sign up on Virgin Pulse website and create their own account to access the Wellness Program.

How do I know I am qualified for the Wellness Program?

You qualify for our Wellness Program if you are enrolled in one of SMP-sponsored medical plans.

What happens if I don’t complete the program by the deadline?

If you fail to complete the Wellness Program by the deadline, you will receive an irreversible surcharge of $600 for the following calendar year.

Will I receive a surcharge if I am no longer on one of SMP-sponsored medical plan the following year?

If you fail to complete the Wellness Program by the deadline and are no longer on SMP-sponsored medical plan the following year, your surcharge will be voided.

Who do I contact if I can’t access my Virgin Pulse account?

If you are unable to access your account, you can contact Virgin Pulse’s support team at , your local HR representative or our benefits team at

Does the insurance cover our annual physical every 12 months or every calendar year?

Our insurance covers annual physical per calendar year. It does not require 12 months in between.

Can I use my medical from last year to complete this year’s Wellness Program requirements?

Yes. If your medicals were after the deadline of the previous year, you can use them for the current’s year Wellness Program.

My cancer screening is not due until next year, if I do it this year will my insurance cover it?

No. If your cancer screening such as mammogram is done every two years, insurance will not cover it if you choose to go the year before. We recommend doing another cancer test such as skin test.

How can we find out whether they have received our physical and biometric screenings from our doctors?

You can log into your Virgin Pulse account and see if all required sections are completed. Or you can reach out to Virgin Pulse support team to confirm with them. We highly encourage all employees to keep a copy for themselves and submit the form from their Virgin Pulse account to ensure the form is submitted. Employees can also email it directly to Virgin Pulse’s support team at and contact them at 1-888-671-9395 to confirm they have received the form, if they do not receive a confirmation email

Flexible Spending Accounts - FSA

Where do I find my FSA information?

You can access your FSA information through

Can I rollover any remaining funds into the following year?

You are eligible to roll over up to $570 of your 2022 Health Care (HC) FSA balance into the 2023 plan year.

Refer to these three scenarios regarding the rollover feature:

Keep: If you elect a 2023 HC FSA, you are eligible to roll over up to $570 into 2023.
If you waive both a 2023 HSA and a HC FSA, you are eligible to roll over up to $570.
If you elect a 2023 HSA, you are waiving your carryover rights automatically and will be ineligible for
the $570 HC FSA rollover in 2023.

Any additional funds will be forfeited.

If elected Dependent Care FSA, can I use my available funds on childcare expenses I paid for before I was employed at SMP?

No, any reimbursement for the DC FSA must have dates from when you were employed by SMP, not prior to your hire date.

I have lost my FSA spending card. How do I get a new one mailed out to met?

You would need to contact Fidelity at 1-800-544-3716 to request a new card.

Do I have to be enrolled in our PPO medical to enroll in our HCFSA/DCFSA?

No, you may waive medical coverage with us and still enroll in HCFSA/DCFSA. However, you may not enroll in our HCFSA if you are enrolled in an HSA plan outside of SMP.

Where do I look for my FSA balance?

FSA balances are located under the banner of Reimbursement Accounts at

Health Savings Account - HSA

Is there a limit for how much I can contribute to my HSA?

You can contribute more to your HSA in 2023 (if enrolled in SMP Health Savings Account Health Plan).

The SMP contribution and your contributions cannot exceed the annual limits noted below.

Employee Only: $3,850

Employee + 1 or More: $7,750

Employees Age 55+: $1,000

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