12 October 2021

2022 Benefits Open Enrollment!

October 25th – November 5th

You must make an active election for medical, dental, and vision if you want coverage in 2022 regardless of currently being enrolled!

Open Enrollment kits have been sent out! Below you will find links to electronic copies of the kit's documents. Please, do not forget to logon to to make your 2022 benefit elections between, October 25th and November 5th!


2022 HSA SBC

2022 PPO SBC

2022 Open Enrollment Announcement

2022 Benefits Guide

Cost Care Flyer

ER Redirect Flier

Boston Mutual

Exchange notice

Medicare Part D Creditable Coverage Notice SMP

1 June 2021

What is Joyages?

Joyages is an on-demand coaching app that can help you deal with daily stressors, if you are feeling sad, stressed, anxious, and/or dealing with the normal challenges of life. All you have to do is download the app to get started. Please see the attached flyer for more details along with the FAQ document provided.

12 February 2021


The 2021 Wellness program is here and we have a few changes from last year. As a reminder, in 2021 if you and your spouse are covered under our medical plan you are required to take the following steps by October 15th, 2021 in order to avoid an increase in premium for 2022. You can check out the requirements below or go to

Start by logging onto If you are already registered from last year, your same username and password will still work. As a reminder, spouse’s must register on their own to complete the wellness program. They need to use their own biometric screening form in order for their requirement to be counted. Forms can be emailed this year instead of faxed. Please email your forms to

For the rewards page overview: Click here.

How to get your biometric screening form: Click here.

Reminder that the tobacco journey for smokers/tobacco users takes a minimum of 15 days!

*You can use dates of service from 10/16/2020 through 10/15/2021.

As a reminder our medical insurance plan allows for one annual physical per year and does not require 12 months between appointments.

3 December 2020

AIM High Tech Imaging Program

Check out the listing of imaging services for the 2021 AIM High Tech Imaging Program through Anthem. In a non-emergency situation, if your provider recommends an imaging service such as an MRI, CT, or PET scan and etc. Your provider must obtain prior authorization for these services or you will receive a $50 penalty. This will not apply in an emergency situation or if considered preventive. Have your provider reach out to AIM directly at 1-888-953-6703.

9 April 2020

Cost & Care Finder

During these unprecedented times, it is important to get familiar with Anthem, our medical provider and their platform. The Cost and Care Finder illustrates how to search for medical physicians based on location, cost and service types.

3 February 2020

Positive Teladoc Testimonies

With Standard offering Teladoc to employees participating in one of our medical programs. Teladoc, has U.S. board-certified doctors and pediatricians that are available 24/7. Offering treatment for the flu, allergies, sinus infections, rashes, sore throats, behavioral health and more.

Here’s what some of your fellow coworkers had to say about Teladoc. . .

“I knew I had a sinus infection (or at least thought that) from the many I had experienced over the years. Not wanting to spend time at the doctor’s office, I thought I would try our Teladoc service. After requesting the Teladoc service on the web site, a doctor called within 10 minutes. After the normal doctor questions, an antibiotic and cough medicine was prescribed. After work, I was able to drop by and pick up my antibiotic prescription and started feeling better within the next 48 hours. It was quick and easy and will use again”. - Jackie, Independence

“I caught a bad chest cold near the end of September. I tried to make an appointment with my family doctor, but he did not have an appointment available until the next day. I remembered our health plan offered Teladoc for free since I had the PPO plan. I went online and setup my account. After registering, I answered a few questions and made an appointment for “as soon as possible”. Within 10 minutes, a doctor called me and asked me some general questions and asked me to describe my symptoms. The doctor sent 2 prescriptions to my local pharmacy and the symptoms went away within a week. I appreciate this option we have on our insurance and the fact that this was free. I would definitely recommend it for people to use. Teladoc saves money and does the job well!”. - Anonymous, Mishawaka

16 January 2020


Standard Motor Products has partnered with Maven to provide around-the-clock support at every stage of your journey. Sign up today to meet your personal guide through pregnancy, postpartum, early pediatrics, and returning to work—plus, free breast milk shipping when traveling for work.

18 December 2019

IngenioRx - Prior Authorization

The process that is conducted between Anthem and your Primary Care Provider or ER Physician to prescribe controlled medicine. The Provider can initiate the prior authorization by phone or online. However, the authorization is approved and finalized by Anthem. Click, here, on the process to take.

18 October 2019

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month - Annual Physical Success Story!

As always, I went for my annual preventive care visit with my primary care physician in the summer of 2017. Unfortunately this time was different. My doctor became suspicious and sent me for a mammogram and sonogram of my breasts. Sure enough the results came back as evidence of a malignant tumor. A biopsy was performed on the tumor for further testing that confirmed I had stage one breast cancer. Shortly after, I had surgery to remove the tumor and 17 radiation treatments (all within 2- 5 months of the lump being found). In December of 2018, my doctor confirmed that I hit one year of being cancer free! I am sincerely grateful to my team of excellent doctors for finding the cancer at an early stage and for the treatments that now allows me to enjoy my life with my children and grandchildren.

- Donna Narine, Long Island City

Thank you to Donna for sharing her annual physical success story! Please join us in congratulating Donna for celebrating 35 years of service with SMP this year! If you would like to share an annual physical success story, please reach out to your local Human Resources Associate.

5 September 2019

Helpful Tips During Work to Get Rid of Back Aches!

Feeling those back aches during the work week? Click here for Health Advocate’s tips to get those fatigue muscles feeling fresh again. If you feel like these tips aren’t working effectively for you, Health Advocate has a direct line for you to call and speak to a personal health counselor. They will provide you with the right resources like: resource treatment options, rehab centers and help to schedule appointments for your pain. Visit for more information about Health Advocate and the other services they offer.

30 August 2019

Want easier access to your benefits? New Anthem Health Insurance app coming soon!

On September 1st, Anthem will release its new app called Sydney. Sydney will replace the Anthem Anywhere app. Most of the features will be the same, however, users can experience virtual chat assistance and can connect you with the appropriate care team resources. Members that are already using the App, do not require a new registration. Check out for more information about the app and the current health care plans.

27 June 2019

Need Help with Mental Health?

HealthAdvocate can help you and your family members find expert mental health professionals. HealthAdvocate experts can help you find providers who specialize in illnesses such as depression, anxiety, neurological disorders, substance abuse and more. Click here to see how HealthAdvocate can help you and your family.

27 June 2019

Cost Transparency

Be a better shopper when it comes to your healthcare. Different hospitals and doctors charge different amounts for the same service. Click here to see how you can shop around using the Estimate Your Cost tool through Anthem. You have to log into to use the Estimate Your Cost tool. You can also access this through the Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield Mobile App.

17 June 2019

Have a New Prescription? HealthAdvocate Can Help!

With our Pharmacy Benefits Manager switching to IngenioRx July 1st, you may have some upcoming prescription questions. Add Health Advocate’s phone number to your speed dial to be prepared! Click Here to see how they can help make sense of your medications and what questions to ask your doctor so you can use your medications safely.

4 June 2019

EFFECTIVE JULY 1ST – Pharmacy Benefits Manager Change

As a reminder, we will be having a pharmacy change effective July 1, 2019.

As a results of Anthem recently launching their own Pharmacy Benefits Manager (PBM), SMP’s PBM, ExpressScripts, will be changing to IngenioRx effective July 1, 2019.

There will be no changes to our current pharmacy benefit design and you will not see any changes when picking up your prescriptions from retail pharmacies.

Effective July 1st you will need to fill your Home Delivery and/or Specialty Prescriptions through IngenioRx.

Good News! Starting July 1st you will have a CVS 90 Day Option in lieu of Home Delivery. You may pick up a 90-day supply at a CVS retail pharmacy. Just have your doctor send a 90-day prescription to your CVS location, or, a CVS store can also help contact your doctor to get a 90-day prescription for your medicine.

Please click here to review the letter to make sure you take the appropriate actions to receive your prescriptions.

13 May 2019

Teladoc has you covered during Allergy Season

Remember you have Teladoc to help you get through this allergy season. Don’t waste any time. Teladoc’s doctors are available 24/7 to help provide you care for non-emergency conditions and can help you get a prescription when needed. Click here to connect with Tealdoc.

15 March 2019

Cost of Care

When it comes to Emergency Care, know your options! Not sure whether you need to go to Urgent Care or the ER? Making the right choice can be hard, click here to see some ways to make that decision a little easier. Remember it is always a great idea to connect with your Primary Care Physician (PCP) with any medical concerns.

14 February 2019

Preventive Care

Make the most of your medical plan. Your plan covers a set of preventive services, such as shots and screening tests at no cost to you when you go to an in-network doctor. Check out to see what preventive services all adults, women, and children should receive.

14 February 2019

America Saves Week! February 25 - March 2, 2019

The is the time for you to review your savings progress. Make the most of tax-advantaged savings opportunities during America Saves Week! Review your 401k contribution amounts at Looking for more information! Join Fidelity for live, online workshops on a range of topics – from budgeting and debt management, to college planning and investing. Register by logging onto

31 January 2019

Home Delivery Complete with Express Scripts

Have you switched your maintenance medications to Home Delivery with Express Scripts? For 2019 we are requiring all to switch their maintenance medications to home delivery. Maintenance medications are those prescriptios that you take on an ongoing monthly basis. Please click here to see what Home Delivery Complete means and how to switch your medications.

31 January 2019

2019 Wellness Program - How to Register with SimplyWell

If you have not done so already, please register with SimplyWell so you can meet your 2019 SMP Wellness Program Requirements. For the 2019 SMP Wellness Program, we are requiring a Physician Results Form/Annual Physical and completion of the Tobacco-Free Goal by 10/15/2019, for any employee that is enrolled in one of our medical plans. Please click here to see how to register and the steps you have to take to get your Physician Results Form.

14 January 2019


Teladoc visits are now free for employees enrolled in the PPO plan. Teladoc provides access to board-certified doctors through a phone call or video. Teladoc doctors can diagnose, treat, and prescribe medicine and can treat non-emergency conditions. Teladoc is there for you while you are at home, work or traveling. Make sure to register with Teladoc and download the app. Click here to read more!

*For those enrolled in the HDHP, you will be required to pay a $45 consult fee in order for the HDHP to maintain a qualified status as defined by IRS guidelines.

14 January 2019

2019 Wellness Program - Drive Your Health Forward

If you have registered for the SimplyWell platform and have downloaded your Physicians Results Form, check out the SimplyWell app as another way to stay connected to our wellness platform. You can quickly check on challenges, view program highlights, initiate or join a challenge, and easily check your rewards and achievements. The SimplyWell app is available on the iTunes store or through Google Play. If you haven’t registered with SimplyWell yet, click here.

13 December 2018

Provider Search using Anthem

Need help finding a doctor? Click here to log onto your Anthem member portal and click on the Care tab and under ‘Care & Cost Finder’ choose Medical. You can then search for doctor’s services, or conditions near your zip code. Other helpful searches and services include Primary Care, Urgent Care, and Pharmacy benefits.

13 December 2018


Need help finding and scheduling a doctor’s appointment? Zocdoc is an online medical care scheduling service for those interested in information about medical practices and doctors’ individual schedules in a central location.

Members of our Anthem BCBS health plans can use Zocdoc to help them find and make appointments with doctors.

Check out their website and select the Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield à National PPO (BlueCare PPO) plan!

20 November 2018

2019 Open Enrollment Documents

2019 Benefits 101

2019 Benefits Summary

Standard Motor Products - Medical Plan PPO 2019

Standard Motor Products - HDHP 2019

Health Advocate Provider Locator Member Flyer

Preferred Generics Flyer

Preventative Rx Drug List

Rx Tiered Network

Home Delivery Rx

Anthem Preventative Care Flyer

Standard Motor Products Voluntary Life Summary


CHIP Notice 2019

Beneficiary Checklist

Medicare Part D Non Union 2019

SMP Open Enrollment Aflac Flyer

Wellness Flyer

15 November 2018

Employer Sponsored Wellness Screenings

As many of you know we will be implementing a new wellness program in 2019. Click here to read about this company’s wellness program and the importance of connecting with a primary care physician.

15 November 2018

Today is World Pancreatic Cancer Day

Pancreatic Cancer is one of the world’s deadliest cancers. To help raise awareness please spread the word to help educate your family and friends! Click here to learn more.

31 October 2018

Frightful Facts from Fidelity

Click here to see this frightful fact from Fidelity about your retirement account. Log into today to name your beneficiaries!

15 October 2018

World Mental Health Day

October 10th was World Mental health Day. Click here to see information from the World Health Organization on the recognition and important of mental health.

10 October 2018

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Click here to read about Breast Cancer Facts, about Male Breast Cancer, Causes of Breast Cancer, Breast Cancer Genes, and many more Breast Cancer facts from the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

27 September 2018

Health Tips from Health Advocate

Regular preventive screenings can help you live a healthier life. Check out Health Advocate's gender specific health tips and preventive screening recommendations.

27 September 2018

Social Security Matters - How the Rules Work for You

Retirement is different for everyone. Click here to see how Social Security benefits will work for you. Whether you decided to retire, have a second career, or work part-time, the Social Security Administration can help answer all of your questions by phone at 1-800-772-1213 or by email.

5 September 2018

September is National Suicide Month

Click here to read and learn what signs to look for that are immediate risks for Suicide. If you are concerned about suicide impacting you or a loved one, call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline:1-800-273-TALK (8255). They have trained counselors available 24/7! .

5 September 2018

Health Advocate is here for you if you are still working at 65

Are you nearing that important milestone of age 65? You are now eligible to enroll in Medicare for your health coverage. Whether you decide to retire or continue working click here to learn how Health Advocate can help you walk through those important choices you need to make and to help you make the best decision! It is important to remember that Health Advocate will help you with enrollment deadlines to avoid penalties and assist with applying for coverage!

5 September 2018

Back to School with Teladoc

When your kids go back to school, you’ve got Teladoc. You have access to Teladoc if you are enrolled in one of SMP's medical plans. With school back in session, it will be more difficult to schedule a doctor visit when your child gets sick. Teladoc gives you 24/7 access to board-certified doctors and pediatricians by web, phone and mobile app. It is a convenient option for treating, allergies, cold and flu, sore throat, rash, respiratory infection, and more! Click here on how to connect!

21 August 2018

Let Health Advocate help you become a better healthcare consumer

Keeping your medical costs as low as possible takes effort, but the payoff can save you money! Check out what Health Advocate has to say to help you be smart about your healthcare and what to think about before your next medical appointment.

  • Make sure you know what your health plan covers.
  • Understand your out of pocket costs.
  • Make sure to use in-network doctors.
  • Check out the Health Care Savings Accounts such as the FSA and HSA.
  • Take advantage of your preventative care and screenings.

21 August 2018

529 College Savings Plans

529 plans provide flexible, tax-advantage accounts designed specifically for college savings to be used for qualified education expenses for a beneficiary. Fidelity offers a 529 college savings plan or, can help you compare 529 plans to see which is the best fit for you since some state plans may have additional benefits, including state tax advantages. Click here to check out Fidelity's educational resources for 529 plans.

16 August 2018

Webcasts from Fidelity - Register Today!

Topics include Retirement, Student Loan Repayment, and 529 College Savings Plans! Click here to reigister today.

Are you emotionally ready to retire? Wednesday, August 22, 2018 at 1:00 pm ET & Thursday, August 23, 2018 at 1:00 pm ET

Pay Off Student Loans Faster - And Still Save for your future. Tuesday, August 28, 2018 at 1:00 pm ET & Wednesday, August 29, 2018 at 3:00 pm ET

Savings for College in Three Easy Steps. - Thursday, September 6, 2018 at 1:00 pm ET & Wednesday, September 12, 2018 at 3:00 pm ET

12 July 2018

NetBenefits App

Make the most of your retirement benefits. Download the NetBenefits mobile app and get access to all of your Fidelity 401K Plan and ESOP accounts. You can monitor your account balances, change your contribution amount or investment mix, access articles and webinars, and even update your beneficiaries! Check out how to download here!

12 July 2018

UV Protection, Protect Your Eyes From the Sun

With summer well underway with more time being spent outside, it is important to remember to make sure your eyes are protected from the sun's damaging ultraviolet rays! Spending long hours in the sun without eye protection can contribute to cataracts, skin cancer around the eyes, and macular degeneration. Check out these tips from Health Advocate on how you can help protect your eyes!

15 June 2018

June is Men's Health Month!

Click here to see how to eat healthy, get moving, and make prevention a priority! Women are two times more likely than men to visit the doctor for annual exams and preventative services!

13 June 2018

Traveling this summer? See your options on how to conveniently access care while you are away!

Travel plans for the summer? See your options below on how to conveniently access care while you are away from your primary care physician!

Nurseline - Is a free 24/7, 365 days a year Anthem provided service that you can call into when health issues may arise and you may not be near home. Registered nurses may help you find providers or specialists in your area, provie guidance and connect you with other Anthem health and wellness programs that you access to.

Teladoc - You have access to a doctor 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through the convience of your phone, video, or mobile app. All you need to do is register to set up an account, provide your medical history, and request a consult. For a general medical consultation it is $45 per visit.

Urgent Care - Need to see a doctor right away! You can log onto and search for the nearest urgent care by zip code.

International Travel - If you are traveling outside the U.S. all members that are under one of Standard Motor Product's sponsored Anthem BlueCross BlueShield medical plans are covered. You have access to medical emergency/accident and urgent care coverage while traveling outside of the United States. To locate doctors, hospitals or obtain medical services you can visit

24 May 2018


Is a place where you can store, share, and organize all your important financial, legal, and personal documents for you to share with your loved ones when they may need them most. See how FidSafe works by clicking here.

24 May 2018

Remember the ABCs of Skin Cancer

With the start of summer just beginning it is important for you to remember the importance of applying sunscreen, wearing sunglasses, a hat, and staying in the shade. More than 3.5 million people are diagnosed with skin cancer each year in the United States and most skin cancers can be caught with yearly skin examinations. Check out the ABCs of skin cancer here when examining your own skin!

14 May 2018

Blood Pressure Safety

High blood pressure also known as hypertension is called a "silent killer" because it usually has no warning signs. It can lead to a heart attack or stroke, so check out what you can do to reduce your risk here!

17 April 2018

Financial Wellness from Fidelity

How does your financial picture look? Could it be better? Let Fidelity give you a money check up. Your financial health is just as important and Fidelity can help you to uncover your financial strengths, opportunities, and tips to help you get the financial picture you are looking for! Click here to get started.

17 April 2018

Behavioral Health Resource from Anthem

Getting the help you need is just a phone call away and Anthem is here to help. If you are feeling stressed or depressed and just need someone to talk to - call the Behavioral Health Resource Center anytime day or night to get the help you need. Click here for more information.

15 March 2018

Are You Getting Enough Sleep?

According to the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, more than 70 million Americans have a sleep disorder. Inadequate sleep can cause impaired memory and thought processes, depression, increased perception of pain and decreased immune response. Check out Anthem’s common treatments, resources, and tips for getting good sleep.

2 March 2018

Better Nutrition Every Day

Food provides our bodies with the nutrients needed for us to function. Try the GO, SLOW, WHOA approach. Click here to learn about each of the GO, SLOW, and WHOA Foods.

28 February 2018

Texting and Driving

Texting and driving is not a risk worth taking. Texting at 55 MPH is like driving 100 yards down the highway blindfolded. Click here to watch this informative video from Liberty Mutual that spotlights the dangers of distracted driving.

15 February 2018

Planning for a Healthy Financial Future with Fidelity

Check out Fidelity's Tools and Resources to help you make the most of your financial and retirement planning.

  • Designate your beneficiaries
  • Update your email address and choose how you want to receive plan information
  • Use Fidelity's online financial / retirement planning tools and get one-on-one support
  • Attend an online education workshop
  • Get your financial wellness score

A good place to start is to make sure you are registered with NetBenefits, your one-stop online resource to manage your retirement account. Click here to register.

15 February 2018

Winter Wellness Tips from Teladoc

With 6 more weeks of winter let Teladoc help you stay healthy during the remaining cold weather. Check out there winter wellness tips for the flu below!

Flu Headquarters

Did you know that more Americans are expected to get the flu this year than last? That’s why we’ve created the flu headquarters. Find out how to stay well, and what to do in the event you think you are getting sick. From flu prevention tips, to cold and flu symptom information, to fun and interesting flu quizzes, we’re your one-stop resource.

30 January 2018

Prescription Program Updates for 2018

As a reminder we have 3 new prescription programs in place for 2018. Click on the below programs to learn more.

Quantity Limits - For certain prescriptions, members may not exceed filling a maximum covered amount of medications (number of pills) filled in a certain time period.

Prior Authorization - For certain prescriptions, providers will be required to obtain approval from Anthem to prescribe certain medications to ensure drugs are being appropriately used as recommended by the FDA.

Preferred Generic - Members must purchase the generic equivalent of a brand name drug unless the doctor specifies on the prescription that the drug must be filled brand name.

30 January 2018

HealthAdvocate Protect Yourself from the Flu

Flu season is upon us, and this season's flu strain is particularly dangerous. According to experts, the flu season is at its peak right now, and the virus is widespread in all states except Hawaii.

It is imperative that you take measures to protect yourself from the flu. Health Advocate offers the following tips to help keep yourself and your family safe from the flu.

The best way to protect against the flu is to get your flu shot. It’s not too late to get yours! You can get a flu shot at your doctor’s office or local pharmacy, and it only takes a few minutes at most. Plus, flu shots are covered as a preventive service under the Affordable Care Act, so you should be able to get vaccinated at little to no cost to you.

Get your whole family vaccinated. Everyone age 6 months or older should have an annual flu shot. It’s especially important for people at higher risk including young children, pregnant women, people age 65 and older, those with weakened immune systems or chronic illness such as asthma, and those who care for others who are at high risk.

Keep hands clean and germs to yourself. Prevent the spread of germs by frequently washing your hands or using alcohol-based hand sanitizers if necessary. If you have to sneeze or cough, use a tissue or cover your mouth with your elbow to keep germs from becoming airborne. And to protect yourself, don’t touch your nose, eyes or mouth if you can help it.

Know the symptoms. A fever over 100 degrees, achy muscles, chills and sweats, dry cough, fatigue, weakness and congestion could mean you have the flu.

If you feel sick… Consider staying home! Being out and about while sick will only spread the disease. Drink plenty of fluids, rest often, and call your doctor, who may be able to provide a diagnosis and treatment plan.

For more information about the flu and getting vaccinated, please visit

10 January 2018

Aflac Critical Illness

Do you have an Aflac Critical Illness policy for yourself or your spouse? If yes, you are each entitled to an annual $50 Wellness Benefit for completing a health screening and submitting this form. Call 1(877)404-6718 for assistance in completing the form or with any questions. Don't leave money sitting on the table!

10 January 2018

Estimate Your Health Care Costs

Use Anthem's Estimate Your Cost tool to help get an idea of what you will pay before you have a procedure, service, or lab work. All you need to do is log in to to get started! Check out how easy it is to use the Estimate Your Cost tool here!

12 December 2017

Fighting the Cold and Flu

Let Teladoc help you fight the cold or flu this winter! Know the symptoms, prevent getting sick, or call Teladoc. Check it all out here!

12 December 2017

Holiday Stress

The holiday season is now in full swing and can make your life hectic and busy, but it is important to think about your health during the holidays. Remember that Health Advocate is here for you and your family year round and during the Holidays. See how they can help here !

1 December 2017

FSA Balance

If you have a FSA Balance please read this memo.

28 November 2017

FSA Eligible Expenses

Check out some information on what you can use your FSA card for, so you do not lose it. You can shop at the for over the counter items like sunblock, first aid kits, etc. Remember that you can use your card for any dental or vision expenses too! Here is a full list of eligible expenses, these items are both FSA and HSA eligible.

28 November 2017

Take Control of Your Student Debt with Fidelity

The first step to tackling student debt is to understand it. Click here to check out Fidelity's Student Debt tool and to see all your student loan data in one place, and explore the impact of different repayment options.

28 November 2017

Hitting the Road with Teladoc

With the holiday season in full force and people heading out of town, make sure that Teladoc is top of mind while traveling. Download the Teladoc app for you to use while you are away to always have access to a health provider. Check out this flyer to see how Teladoc is there for you while you and your family are away!

21 November 2017

2018 Open Enrollment Kit Documents

Below are the links to electronic copies of the 2018 Open Enrollment kit documents.

2018 Employee Medical Contribution Calculator

2018 Benefits 101

2018 Benefits Summary

2018 PPO Summary of Benfits & Coverage

2018 HDHP Summary of Benefits & Coverage

HDHP Free Preventive Drug List

Prior Autorization National Drug List

Quantity Limit National Drug List

Voluntary Term Life Insurance Overview

Teladoc: Getting Started with Telemedicine

Delta Dental: Save Money with a PPO Dentist

Health Advocate

Medicare Part D Notice

Children's Health Insurance Program

Beneficiary Checklist

Aflac Voluntary Benefits Open Enrollment

6 November 2017

New Prescription Programs for 2018

Check out some information on our Three New Prescription Programs for 2018! Which apply to both the PPO & HDHP plans.

Quantity Limits - Members may not exceed filling a maximum covered amount of medications filled in a certain time period.

Prior Authorization - Providers required to obtain approval from Anthem to prescribe certain medications as recommended by the FDA.

Preferred Generic - Members must purchase the generic equivalent of a brand-named drug unless the doctor specifies otherwise.

24 October 2017

Get Your Personal Finance Picture

Click Here to take the MyMoney Checkup through Fidelity. In 10 minutes or less you will receive:

  • A MyMoney Checkup score (based on a scale from 1-100)
  • Areas in which you are doing well
  • Opportunities for improvement
  • Direct links to resources that can help you improve your financial picture

24 October 2017

Live Well Financially

Fidelity can help you with savings and investing, preparing for retirement, and managing life. Check out their events and videos and click here to register for a webinar today!

12 October 2017

Health Savings Account

Check out HealthEquity's webinar slides Winning with an HSA to learn more and see if a Health Savings Account is right for you! You may also sign up for one of the following live webinars at

  • Health Savings Account Basics
  • Tips to Maximize your Health Savings
  • An overview of the Member Portal

12 October 2017

Depression and Mental Health Awareness

October is Depression and Mental Health Awareness month! Check out common signs of mental illness in adults and adolescents. You can also check out the monthly move and healthy recipe included on the monthly flyer here!

27 September 2017

Cold and Flu Season

Fall is here! Let Teladoc help you fight any cold or flu. Click Here to learn about symptoms, ways to prevent getting sick, and how to talk with a Teladoc doctor anytime!

27 September 2017

Delta Dental App

Want information about your dental plan with Delta? You can find a dentist, view your ID card, check on your claims, and learn about ways to improve your overall oral health! Click Here to check out how!

27 September 2017

Good Posture

Keeping good posture can be hard! Click Here to see Anthem's guide on how to keep good posture in the workplace. They also give tips on the correct sitting position, correct lifting position, and the correct driving position.

27 September 2017

Avoiding Repetitive Injuries

Anthem is here to help you take the steps to remain pain free! Doing the same motion day after day can be hard on your body! Click Here for a few tips on how to prevent Repetitive Motion Injuries from happening and reducing symptoms.

11 September 2017

Real Support for Retirees

Thinking about Retirement or do you have loved ones in retirement? Health Advocate is here to help you by addressing your healthcare concerns. Health Advocate is available for eligible members, their spouses, dependents, parents and parent-in-laws. Click Here to check out Health Advocates real support for Retirees!

11 September 2017

Planning For Your Future

Click Here to check out your September guide to Planning your Future! Here are some tips to help you take charge of your financial future. The flyer also includes a monthly fitness move and healthy recipe!

11 September 2017

Sealants - Covered at 100%

Click Here to learn how you can help your children avoid cavities! Children and teenagers 6 to 15 are the best candidates for sealants. It can be a great preventative measure to help seal off teeth from decay.

11 September 2017

3D Mammograms

Medical Coverage Update! Preventive 3D Mammograms Now Covered!

All women who are age 40 and up are recommended to have regular breast cancer tests including Mammograms. Please note, 3D mammograms for screening purposes are now covered at 100% when the service is completed by a participating, in-network provider. Click Here for a reminder regarding recommended breast cancer screenings.

23 August 2017

ER vs Urgent Care

Teladoc can help you decide when it is necessary to go to the Emergency Room or an Urgent Care Center, or if all you really need is Teladoc!

Click Here to learn about the common issues Teladoc doctors can treat and what options to consider the next time you are sick!

Please Note: Teladoc services are avilable to non-union employees and dependents enrolled in one of Standard Motor Products offered Anthem BCBS health plans!

23 August 2017

Dental Cleaning

Click Here to see Delta Dental's 6 Reasons to get a Dental Cleaning! Your dental health is just as important, it can help lower your risk for some diseases and stroke.

23 August 2017


Zocdoc is an online medical care scheduling service for those interested in information about medical practices and doctors' individual schedules in a central location.

Members of our Anthem BCBS health plans can use Zocdoc to help them find and make appointments with doctors.

Check out their website and select the Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield --> National PPO (BlueCard PPO) plan!

23 August 2017

ABC's of Medicare

Medicare can be confusing! Click Here to find the ways in which Health Advocate can help you make the right decisions when it comes to Medicare.

Health Advocate can walk you through your choices, clearly explain the coverage and cost of each. They can also assit your parent and parent-in-law!

8 August 2017

Future Moms - Free Book!

Need a source to go to for all of those pregnancy questions? Anthem can help! Future Moms can answer all of your pregnancy questions. They will also send you the Mayo Clinic Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy book!

Click here to see how to sign up and join Future Moms!

8 August 2017

Let Anthem Help You Quit Smoking

Get support from Anthem at no additional cost to you and quit smoking.

Click here to check out what FDA-approved prescription drugs and over-the-counter products are avilable to help you quit!

8 August 2017

Estimate Your Costs from Delta Dental

Taking care of your health includes taking care of your teeth!

Delta Dental offers an online service feature that can help you estimate how much you will spend on your next visit to the Dentist! Click here to learn how you can check your costs before your next Dentist Visit!

8 August 2017

Health Cost Estimator Tools

Healthcare can be confusing and challenging to plan and budget for. Be sure to utilize the two Cost Estimator Tools provided by Anthem and Health Advocate before your next healthcare visit to have more confidence that you are receiving both cost efficient and quality care.

Anthem Cost Estimator

Anthem Cost Estimator Tool

English Instructions: Click Here

Spanish Instructions: Click Here

Health Advocate Cost Estimator Tool

Health Cost Estimator +

A quick video:

20 July 2017

Hitting the Highway this Summer

Safety tips for a safe journey to wherever you are traveling this summer brought to you by Health Advocate!

Reminders and advice on car tune-ups, emergency supplies, sleep, seatbelts, avoiding distractions, breaking up the trip, and skipping road rage, and never leave your kids in an unattended car! Check out Health Advocate's trips to safe travel.

20 July 2017

Using your Health Savings Account in Retirement

How your Health Savings Account can be helpful in your retirement!

Since an HSA is not a use it or lose it type of account, any money you end up not using can be invested in mutual funds. There are 4 ways you can use your HSA in retirement, Help Bridge to Medicare, Cover Medicare premiums, Long-term care insurance, and pay everyday expenses.

Check out HSA in retirement!

20 July 2017

Cigna's Will Preparation Center

Will Preparation

64% of Americans do not have a will - leaving family members to make tough decisions. Cigna's Will Center can help you with the planning process. Click here to learn more!

Once you have registered you will be able to learn more about:

Will preperation, Estate planning, and Funeral planning

Visit today or call 1.800.901.7534 or email

20 July 2017

Cigna's Identity Theft Program

Identity Theft occurs when your personal identifying information (name, SSN, etc.) are taken without your permission and is America’s fastest growing crime.

Cigna’s Identity theft program is there to provide you with help on how to prevent identity theft. Click here to learn more about Cigna's Identity theft program.

If you suspect that you have become a victim of identity theft call 1.888.226.4567

14 July 2017

Teladoc Registration Campaign

Register with Teladoc by August 31st and you could win one of five great prizes!

Click here to learn more!

Please note: Teladoc services are avilable to non-union employees and dependents enrolled in one of Standard Motor Products, Inc. offered Anthem BCBS health plans.

10 July 2017


July is Stay Hydrated Month!

Click Here for some reasons as to why hydration is important, how much water do you really need, and ways to stay hydrated!

Look at these Tips on how to stay hydrated all throughout July!

10 July 2017

Summer Sun & Sniffles

According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), there are up to 15 million cases of summer colds each year.

Let Teladoc treat your summer cold and allow you to get back out in the sun for more fun instead of wasting time in the waiting room. Read some tips on how to avoid a summer cold!

Getting started here, Register with Teladoc!

Teladoc services are avilable to non-union employees and dependents enrolled in one of Standard Motor Products' offered Anthem BCBS health plans.

10 July 2017

Protection When You Travel with Cigna

Cigna Secure Travel customer service is avilable 24 hours a day wherever you are traveling. They can assist you in pre-trip planning, traveling assistance, and emergency assistance.

To learn more about Cigna Secure Travel please call 1.888.226.4567 or view the Secure Travel Customer Brochure.

7 July 2017

Plum Benefits Discount Opportunities!

Register today to browse nationwide discounts to concerts, sporting events, theme parks, movie tickets, rental cars & more! Click here to view offers and attractions!

How to sign up!

1. Go to

2. Click on "Become a Member"

3. You will then be prompted to create an account with your email address and company code: ac1226193

Happy browsing!

7 June 2017

Making Family Meals is Healthy!!

Depending on your family’s lifestyle and schedule, the benefits of investing the initial time and effort into meal planning will vary, but overall the number one goal is to help simplify what should be an enjoyable and special part of every day—sharing a meal togethe

Several researchers have found the following benefits with regular family mealtime. Children who eat meals with their family:

  • are less likely to be overweight
  • more likely to eat healthy foods-vegetables, fruits and other nutritious food at meal times
    have higher academic achievement
  • have fewer problems with truancy and other delinquent behaviors
  • improved psychological well-being including higher self-esteem and lower levels of depressive symptoms
  • higher quality family relationships with siblings and parents

Click here for more information how to help your family enjoy mealtimes together.

19 May 2017

Take adventage of external discounts you receive as SMP employee!!

Employee Discount Program

We provide employees with discounts and special benefits to a wide variety of products and services. Please see below list of discounts we offer:

GM: Company Code: 812540 Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge: Company Code: S82059

BMW Corporate Fleet Program: Form

Emerald Club: Discounted car rentals through National Car Rental & Enterprise Rent-A-Car (Select "Create a username and password," Account #: XZ24SMP)

Liberty Mutual Discounted Home, Auto & Renters Insurance

HP Employee Purchase Program

AT&T Wireless Services

Anthem Special Discounts code BD-SMP (for 15% off all products)

8 May 2017

Voluntary Benefits Open Enrollment (May 15th - 31th)

Aflac Product Offerings (Policies effective 7/1/17):

  • Group Accident Insurance
  • Group Critical Illness Insurance
  • Group Hospital Indemnity Insurance
  • Group Disability Insurance

Visit for more information on the plans and rates.

Plan Brochure and Rates

For questions regarding the Aflac products being offered, call 877-404-6718 (beginning 5/15/17) Monday through Friday 9:00am - 5:30pm EST

Please be advised that as of July 1st 2017, SMP will no longer provide payroll deductions for the Lincoln Financial Voluntary Critical Illness and Accident plans and the Boston Mutual Critical Illness plan. If applicable, you will receive information about porting your plan directly from Lincoln Financial and/or Boston Mutual.

4 May 2017

Healthy Summer Recipes - Learn how to eat right and still treat your taste buds!

Summer is filled with so many picnics, barbeques, potlucks or outings with family and friends.

All these events can lead to overeating and indulging in calorie-heavy pasta salads, unhealthy burgers and an overabundance of sweets.

Click here to try 24 easy, soul-satisfying dishes to keep your eating fresh and your weight in line all Summer long.

2 May 2017

May is Mental Health Awareness Month. It's a great time to take stock of your emotional well-being.

Most people experience stress, at least occasionally. But when stress becomes chronic, it can affect your health and well-being. If something is weighing on you, talking it over can help. You can connect with one of Teladoc's caring professionals 7 days a week, via web, phone, or mobile app.*

Teladoc's Behavioral Health service can help with:

  • Stress
  • Sadness
  • Anxiety
  • Family issues
  • Relationship problems
  • Grief

Click here to learn more and take care of your stress!!

27 April 2017

ABC of Dental Care

Because you only have one smile!!

Please click here to find out how to increase your dental health!!

27 April 2017

Working Out at Work!!

Any amount of exercise helps, but what if you could actually work out at work?

Please click here to find out how to keep active!!

17 April 2017

Mail Order Choice Program

Please click here to see the attached benefits memo regarding important prescription benefits information.

17 April 2017

Beware, it's the season of the tick!

Spring has sprung and it's time to get outside and back in the woods camping and hiking!

Please click here to learn how to protect yourself from ticks and Lyme disease!

13 April 2017

Teladoc Member Webinar: Get started with Teladoc

April 20 at 10 AM & 2 PM or May 18 at 11 AM & 2 PM EST

In this quick, 10-minute webinar, we'll show you how, in a few easy steps, you can set up your Teladoc account, complete your medical history and be prepared before you need access to care.​

Click here to register

  • Learn how to set up Teladoc account
  • Connect with a doctor
  • Get answers to common questions about Teladoc

13 March 2017

Teladoc Member Webinar: Don’t Suffer Through Allergies

March 23rd 11 AM & 2 PM EST

Click Here to register

In this brief webinar, Teladoc will share tips for staying healthy throughout allergy season and show you how, in a few easy steps, you can be prepared when you need access to care.

  • Learn how to activate your Teladoc account and connect with a doctor
  • Get answers to common questions about Teladoc
  • Meet a few actual Teladoc doctors

8 March 2017

Fidelity Webcasts: Financial Health

Click Here for more information regarding TWO exciting upcoming live webcasts available through Fidelity!

Register today for the following webcasts at

  • Debt: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly (March 29th or 30th)

  • Social Security: Your Questions Answered (April 4th or 6th)

9 February 2017

2016 Form 1095-C

Please click here to access a memo regarding the 2016 1095-C form that you will receive in the mail from SMP.

To access an FAQ regarding this form, click here.

20 May 2016

2015 FSA Carryover

FSA carryover funds are now available! If you had any remaining funds in your 2015 FSA, up to $500 is now available in your 2016 FSA to use on qualified expenses incurred any time during 2016.

If you did not elect a 2016 FSA but had carryover funds available, a new account has been opened for you with HealthEquity. You will receive information by mail on how to access your online member portal at, as well as your new FSA debit card, by early June.

For more information on HealthEquity FSAs, visit the “FSA Forms” section of the Document Library, or reach out to HealthEquity directly at 877-583-4257.

1 April 2016

Form 1095-C Memo

Please click here to access a memo and FAQ regarding the new 1095-C form that you will be receiving in the mail from SMP within the next few weeks.

Please click here for an overview video that explains this new IRS Form.

We have partnered with a company called Next Generation Enrollment to manage this process. Please contact them at 1-877-270-2433:

  • If you have a have any questions pertaining to 1095 forms in general
  • If you need help understanding your specific 1095-C you received from SMP
  • If you need another copy

25 March 2016

2015 FSA Claims Runout Period

If you have a remaining balance in your 2015 Medical or Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account (FSA), please be reminded that the last day to submit 2015 claims to ADP for reimbursement is Thursday, March 31, 2016.

You can submit claims by logging in to, or by faxing in a completed Medical FSA Claim form or Dependent Care FSA Claim form (available in the Document Library of, along with the proper supporting documentation.

After March 31, up to $500 of any remaining funds in Medical FSA’s will be eligible for the carryover, occurring by mid-April, to be used for qualified expenses incurred in 2016. Another announcement will be sent out when these funds are available.

8 March 2016

Updated Preventive Care List

Anthem has released an updated list of covered Preventive Care services, which can be found here and in the Document Library under the Medical Forms tab.

A couple of notes regarding this updated list:

  • The list contains several added services, so please review it before the next Preventive Care visit for you or your covered dependents.
  • Several employees have reached out with questions regarding 3D mammograms (not to be confused with traditional 2D mammograms). This list reflects that 3D mammograms are not currently considered Preventive Care (see list footnote). Anthem is reviewing this policy and we will send an update if it is changed.

Remember, the services on this list are covered 100% at your annual Preventive Care visit, so be sure to schedule yours in 2016!

31 July 2015

401k Loan Provision Change

All benefits eligible employees, please Click Here to read a memo regarding a loan provision change under Standard Motor Products’ 401k plan.

20 April 2015

Auto Dealer Discounts

Click here for more information regarding our corporate incentives with select auto dealers, including our new incentive with BMW!

To download the BMW Customer Information form, click here.

15 April 2015

Understanding Social Security

Click here to learn more about the basics of Social Security and retiree benefits. Additional resources regarding Social Security can be found in the "Social Security" tab in the Document Library.

24 February 2015

Tax Credit to Save for Retirement

Please read this memo & Form 8880 to find out if you might qualify for the Saver’s Credit!

The Saver’s Credit was established to help low- to moderate- income earners save for retirement by providing an additional credit toward tax liability on top of existing retirement savings incentives. You may qualify to file for the Saver’s Credit when you submit your annual federal income tax return if you contribute to your 401k, have a qualifying Adjusted Gross Income (AGI), and meet other factors as outlined in the attachment. Please note, the maximum credit is $1,000 related to $2,000 of qualified contributions.

Contact a professional tax advisor or Click Here or to find out more about the Saver’s Credit on

13 February 2015

Credit Monitoring Services from Anthem

Please click here to view an FAQ provided by Anthem regarding their recent cyber security attack and the credit monitoring services available to those affected by it. The monitoring services are available as of 2pm EST on Friday, February 13.

14 November 2014

2015 Open Enrollment FAQ

Click here to view a list of your Frequently Asked Questions concerning the 2015 Open Enrollment and your available benefits!

28 April 2014


Please click here to access the new FAQ for the High Deductible Health Plan.

17 March 2014

HDHP Survey

Please click here to be directed to the HDHP survey. Thank you for your participation!

6 February 2014

HSA Contribution Change Instructions

If you elected to enroll in the new Health Savings Account, please click here for instructions on how to change your contribution amount.

Please be aware that due to administrative lag time the change in the amount that you contribute may not take effect until the next pay period.

17 September 2013

FSA Store Coupon

Click Here to receive $5 off your purchase of $50 or more at the now through October 1st!

8 August 2013

The FSA Store

Click Here to find out about the FSA Store: The only ecommerce site stocked exclusively with thousands of products that are eligible under spending accounts!

11 July 2013

Yo-Fi Wellness

Check out Yo-Fi Wellness, a new resource being offered to all SMP benefits eligible employees and dependents. Follow the simple instructions to access Yoga, Fitness, Nutrition, and Meditation videos today!

21 June 2013

Anthem BlueCard Worldwide

Any plans to travel outside of the U.S.? Make sure you know how to use Anthem BCBS’s medical plan outside of the U.S. in case of an emergency. Find out more about BlueCard Worldwide today!

20 June 2013

ADP Mobile Solutions

Click Here to learn about ADP’s new Benefits and Spending Account Apps in addition to their already existing Pay App. You are now able to view your benefit elections as well as your FSA accounts through the convenience of your smart phone.

16 April 2013

Preventive Care

We know that understanding what is covered at your annual preventive visit can sometimes be confusing and frustrating. We want to keep you informed so that you and your covered dependents are confident to get your annual well visits. That is why we are excited to share with you the following resource which includes information about your 100% Cost Free Preventive Care! This resource not only addresses the difference between preventive versus diagnostic care, but, it is also a great tool for you to bring with you to your preventive care visit as it lists child and adult preventive care services.

Thank you for your feedback on your preventive care visits and we hope this resource will be of assistance going forward!

10 April 2013

Anthem Mobile App

Click here to check out a flyer for Anthem's Mobile App, which you can download on your smartphone to help manage your health care!

14 March 2013

Help SMP Go Green!

Click Here to find out how you can help SMP Go Green by electing to receive shareholder materials electronically.

20 February 2013

Wellness Poster

Employees can now “scan” the QR code on the poster using their smartphone for February’s wellness information.

Click Here to view the poster

9 November 2012

The Great American Smokeout is Next Week!

Next week the American Cancer Society is marking the 37th Great American Smokeout by encouraging smokers to use the date to make a plan to quit, or to plan in advance and quit smoking that day. By quitting — even for one day — smokers will be taking an important step towards a healthier life – one that can lead to reducing cancer risk. Go to for helpful resources on quitting smoking.
Pledge to quit on November 15th or encourage someone you love to quit.

31 October 2012

Open Enrollment Delayed

Due to the devastating aftermath of hurricane Sandy, an executive decision has been made to delay Open Enrollment from November 5th – 12th to November 12th – 26th.

5 July 2012

ADP Mobile Solutions – New FSA Feature!

ADP has introduced a new feature to its existing Mobile application - the new FSA (“Spending Account”) Mobile Feature. This new feature allows secure 24/7 access from your mobile device or web browser to quickly and easily view live data from your Health Care and/or Dependent Care Spending Account Plan(s).

In two clicks or less on your mobile device, the Spending Account feature allows you to:
• Check account balances
• View current year or previous year activity
• View year-to-date claims and contributions
• Activate a new FSA debit card or report a lost or stolen card immediately

To access the ADP Mobile Solutions application:
1) Using an Apple device- download the free app from the iTunes store, using this link: Apple App Store - ADP Mobile Solutions
2) Using a Blackberry, Android or Apple device or using a workstation- access the web using this link:
You will need to use your existing ADP Portal or iPay Statements User ID and password. For more information, please visit

27 June 2012

Voluntary Enrollment Call Center Open Thursday & Friday

Voluntary Benefits Open Enrollment for the following benefits ends Friday, June 29th!

• Accident Insurance
• Critical Illness Insurance
• Whole Life Insurance
• Pet Insurance

If you would like to enroll and have not had the opportunity to meet with an on-site enroller, please call the Benefits Enrollment Call Center at 866-822-4775 to complete your enrollment. The Benefits Enrollment Center will be available Thursday, June 28th and Friday, June 29th from 9AM – 6PM EST.

18 June 2012

Voluntary Benefits Enrollment has begun!

• Check out the Document Library for more information on our Voluntary Benefits offerings!

• Sign up with your local HR representative today to schedule an on-site appointment with a representative!

Watch the following videos to find out more about Lincoln Financial’s Accident & Critical Illness Insurances:

Accident Insurance

Critical Illness

14 June 2012

Voluntary Benefits Open Enrollment Coming Soon!

SMP is excited to offer the following new Voluntary Benefits:


Contact your local HR Representative to find out more information about your location's Open Enrollment. Also, check out the plan summaries located under the Document Library on

25 May 2012

Prescription Drug Home Delivery Pharmacy

Did you know that if you take prescribed medicine on a regular basis, you can get up to a 90-day supply mailed right to your door? You will save 33% on your prescription co-pay for a 3 month supply! Click Here to find our more information on our Home Delivery Pharmacy service.

27 January 2012

Flexible Spending Accounts: Important Information

How to Use up Your 2011 Balances

There has been some confusion around the subject of spending your 2011 FSA balances in 2012. There are various ways that this process is set up for different employers, and we have previously receive mixed messages from ADP. Please note that the process below is the correct process for our FSA account with ADP. Please be sure you are familiar with this process, should you have an FSA balance from 2011.

If you have a 2012 FSA Account: For employees with 2011 FSA balances leftover in 2012, simply swipe your card as usual. The money will initially come out of your 2012 balance, but our FSA Administrator will adjust your accounts on a weekly basis, so that the 2011 funds are then transferred into your 2012 account. This will occur until last year’s balance is gone or until March 15 – whichever comes first.

If you do not have a 2012 FSA Account: If you had an FSA in 2011, but did not elect one in 2012 (but still have a balance from last year) – the process is different. You will have to pay for services out of pocket and then file a paper claim. You will have until March 15, 2012 to use your 2011 balance.

Remember, you have until March 15, 2012 to use your balance from 2011. Log in to your secure account to check your balance today at or call 800-654-6695 to speak to an ADP representative about your account.

25 January 2012

NEW Delta Dental Claim Form

Click here to download the NEW 2012 Delta Dental claim form! This form may also be found under the Document Library.

22 November 2011

Update your Beneficiaries Online

Now that Open Enrollment has ended, take this opportunity to log into your H&W benefits portal to view and update your beneficiaries for your company offered life insurance. If you were hired prior to 1/1/2011, your local HR stores the beneficiary information in paper format. To update or make any changes going forward, you must update your beneficiaries online.

Visit to update your beneficiaries today!

16 November 2011

FSA Now has Online Capability!

We've got exciting news in the FSA world, substantiation forms and claims can now be submitted online!

A few insider tips: The receipt or Explanation of Benefits needs to be in a specific format: JPG, GIF, PNG,TIF or PDF. Also, the maximum file size allowed per attachment for upload is 4 MB per submission. Scan your receipts in black & white rather than in color, and this should not be a problem for you.

Online Forms Completion & Submission Participant Quick Reference Guide

Log in to your personal and secure FSA Account today to submit your forms online.

15 November 2011

New Dental Cards for 2012

Delta Dental will be our new dental carrier, effective January 1, 2012. You will recieve new dental insurance cards in the mail by January 1. Be sure to provide your dentist with the new insurance card for visits taking place in 2012 and going forward!

To see if your current dentist is in the Delta Dental Network, conduct a provider search on the Delta Dental website.

1 November 2011

2012 Open Enrollment: November 7 - November 18

Open Enrollment for the 2012 Plan Year will take place from November 7 through November 18

What does this mean to you?
Only those who wish to participate in the FSA program in 2012 or those who wish to change coverage levels or dependents must participate. If you do nothing, your elections will remain the same as they are today.

Benefits Open Enrollment Q&A:

Q: I am enrolled in Benefits already for this year 2011. Do I still have to make an election during Open Enrollment for next year?
A: No. Anyone who does not elect benefits during Open Enrollment will have the same medical, dental and visions elections they currently have.

Q: What about Dental? Since we have a new carrier (Delta Dental), do I need to sign up for that if I already have guardian?
A: No. If you are currently enrolled in Guardian Dental, your election will automatically enroll you in Delta Dental, effective January 1.

Q: Do I need to make a new election for my FSA if I had one in 2011?
A: Yes. You must make a new FSA election every year, no matter what.

Q: When is Open Enrollment?
A: November 7 through November 18.

Q: What if I forget to enroll?
A: If you forget to participate in Open Enrollment, you will not have the opportunity to designate an amount to go into your FSA Account, or remove or add dependents to your plans until November 2012.

Q: How do I enroll?
A: Open Enrollment will be online. Visit and log in to complete your Annual Enrollment.

Q: I will be out of the office during Open Enrollment. How will I enroll?
A: You can enroll online from any computer, anywhere in the world.

Q: I just moved and I never got my Enrollment Kit in the mail. Now what?
A: All of the information contained in the Open Enrollment Kits is also available online here, at

1 November 2011

What is Default Coverage?

If you do not participate in Open Enrollment for the 2012 Plan Year, your elections will recieve default coverage. Default Coverage means that your benefit coverage levels will remain the same in 2012 as they are today. This means that the dependents you have covered today will be covered under the same plans on January 1, 2012.

The exception to this rule is the FSA program. If you do not reenroll in the FSA Program during Open Enrollment, you will not have an FSA Account in 2012. You must reenroll in the FSA during Open Enrollment if you wish to have an FSA in 2012.

Still not sure? Log on at to confirm your coverages on November 7!

19 October 2011

Keep Your FSA Card

The FSA Card you have today will continue to be active in 2012, but you must make an active election for your 2012 balance.

Make sure you keep your FSA card and participate in Open Enrollment on November 7 to elect your FSA Amount for 2012!

Already throw away your card? Contact ADP to reorder your card today by calling 800-654-6695.

24 February 2011

2011 Eligible FSA Expense List

New 2011 lists for both Traditional FSA & Dependent Care eligible & ineligible expenses added to the Document Library!

Learn more about your FSA account and see your balance by logging on today:

ADP FSA Participant Services: 1-800-654-6695
Access your FSA Account online:

17 February 2011

Online Health Webinars - NEW from Anthem!

Did you know that you have access to free online health webinars? As an Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield member, you can enjoy live online health webinars at no extra cost, straight from your desk. Plus, the webinars are brief and to the point - a good choice for those who are busy or on the go. Each webinar is presented by a medical director from Comprehensive Health Solutions, a dedicated group of people with different expertise. So, you can
be sure you’re getting help and your questions answered from a source you can trust.

At the close of every talk, you may decide to make healthy choices with new tips and techniques for improving your and your family’s health.
Registering for one of the DocTalk webinar sessions is easy. Just click here to sign up now at

Find more information about DocTalk by clicking here.

26 January 2011

What you need to know BEFORE using your FSA Card

Even though we have FSA Debit cards this year, it is still important to save detailed receipts every time you use the card. The rules for FSA have become more strict in 2011, and it's important to stay on top of your purchases. If you use your card at a doctor's office, it is likely that you will still need to substantiate the purchase. If this is required, ADP will contact you by email to request substantiation. You'll need to fill out and fax in a form to do this. The Substantiation Form can be found in the document library on this website.

The Expense Substantiation Form must be completed entirely and signed. The receipt(s) must state the vendor name, vendor contact information, purchase date, a description of the expense(s) and the expense amount. A credit card receipt is not adequate documentation. Credit card receipts often do not list the individual items purchased along with a
description of the item. Be mindful of this before paying for services - and always request a receipt with the information required for substantiation.

If you use your FSA Debit Card at approved merchants for prescription drugs, no substantiation is needed. Click here to view a list of IIAS Certified Merchants.

3 January 2011

New 2011 Medical Cards Coming Soon

New Insurance Cards for your 2011 medical coverage hit the mail in the final weeks of December. Cards are expected to arrive in the first two weeks of January. Should you need to visit a medical provider or fill a prescription prior to receiving your new 2011 Medical Cards, you can log on to your personal page at to print a new card.

If you've never registered with Anthem, use the information on your 2010 card to register as a new user.

13 December 2010

Important News about FSA Reimbursement Rules in 2011

You may recall from your benefits presentation that we discussed changes coming to the FSA in 2011. Click here to see an overview of what will be changing in the upcoming year.

As a reminder, we offer a grace period to use up the funds in your FSA, so you have more than a 12 month period to use up your balance from the prior year. You have until March 15, 2011 to incur claims from your 2010 FSA, and until June 15, 2011 to file those claims. Visit the Document Library to download and print a claim form today.

9 November 2010

Online Enrollment Assistance

We know this is the first time we are doing Online Open Enrollment at Standard, which means it's the first time many of you are doing this also. We thought it was important to introduce an Employee Self Serve product so that you would have the power to manage your benefits during Open Enrollment Period now and in the years ahead. In fact, many of you have been able to enroll in the 2011 plan already. If, however, you've had trouble enrolling, we hope you've let someone know and asked an HR Representative for help.

Thanks for your patience as we introduce this new service!

Here is a common issue we've heard about, and hopefully this resolution helps you enroll even faster...

If you are unable to "Add a Service" to your current iPay Account, please follow the instructions below:

Users must have an iPay (electronic paycheck) Username & Password.

Once you have your iPay Username & Password available, you may continue with logging on to the ADP system to enroll in your 2011 Benefits.

1. Open a new internet window and go to:
2. Click “User Login
3. Enter the iPay Username & Password that you use for iPay
4. Scroll over “Benefits” and click “Benefit Enrollment
5. Click “Annual Enrollment
6. Click on each of the different benefit options, and elect the coverage you want for 2011. Select which dependents you want to cover on the plan. After each benefit election, click “DONE.” Once you have enrolled in all of the benefits you want for 2011, click CONFIRM. Print your confirmation, or have it emailed to you.

27 October 2010

2011 Benefits FAQ's

You've got questions about the 2011 plan, and we've got answers. Be sure to read the new "2011 Benefits" section on the site, and all of the subsections under that page. If you still have questions about the plan, click here to be directed to the FAQ Page. We've added several common questions that have been asked about the plan to this page. If you still think something is missing, let us know by filling out the feedback form.

13 October 2010

Understanding the EOB

What is an EOB?

An Explanation of Benefits, or an "EOB" as it is more commonly known as, is a statement that is sent to you by Anthem explaining the breakdown of your benefits in specific dollars for each doctor visit or medical service you obtain.

The EOB will show how much of your Annual Deductible has been met, how much you owe, and how much the allowed amount of charges is based on the discounts offered to you for being in the Anthem Network.

Click here to view an overview of the Anthem EOB.

13 October 2010

Open Enrollment is Coming!

Open Enrollment for the 2011 Plan Year will take place from November 1 through November 12

What does this mean to you?

If you would like to be enrolled in SMP benefits next year, you must participate in Open Enrollment.

Benefits Open Enrollment Q&A:

Q: I am enrolled in Benefits already for this year. Do I still have to make an election during Open Enrollment for next year?
A: Yes! Anyone who does not elect benefits during Open Enrollment will not have any medical, dental or vision benefits in 2011.

Q: What about Vision and Dental? Do I need to elect that again also?
A: Yes! All benefits you would like to be enrolled in for 2011 must be elected by you during Open Enrollment.

Q: Do I need to make a new election for my FSA if I had one in 2010?
A: Yes. You must make a new FSA election every year, no matter what.

Q: When is Open Enrollment?
A: November 1 through November 12.

Q: What if I forget to enroll?
A: You will not have benefits in 2011.

Q: How do I enroll?
A: SMP is going green! Open Enrollment will be online. Check back here for more details soon.

Q: I will be out of the office during Open Enrollment. How will I enroll?
A: You can enroll online from any computer.

Q: Enrollment online sounds scary! How will I know what to do?
A: Enrollment Kits will be mailed to your home prior to Open Enrollment. Logon Instructions will be included. Ask someone in HR for help if you need assistance.

Q: I just moved and I never got my Enrollment Kit in the mail. Now what?
A: Your Local HR Department will have extra enrollment kits on hand. Stop by to pick one up during Open Enrollment. If you are located in the field, give us a call and we will have a new kit sent out to you right away.

11 June 2010

Bringing Comparison Shopping to the Doctor's Office

Bringing Comparison Shopping to the Doctor’s OfficeBy CLAIRE CAIN MILLER
Published: June 10, 2010

SAN FRANCISCO — Americans comparison-shop for items as small as groceries and as big as cars. But they rarely compare prices on their health care. When a doctor recommends a test or a procedure, most patients simply go where the doctor tells them to go. Even if a patient does want to comparison-shop, there is no easy way to obtain complete and useful information. It is a hole in the market that some companies see as an opportunity, especially because many Americans will soon have to pay more attention to what they are paying for, rather than count on insurance to cover everything. Click here to read more...