9 November 2010

Online Enrollment Assistance

We know this is the first time we are doing Online Open Enrollment at Standard, which means it's the first time many of you are doing this also. We thought it was important to introduce an Employee Self Serve product so that you would have the power to manage your benefits during Open Enrollment Period now and in the years ahead. In fact, many of you have been able to enroll in the 2011 plan already. If, however, you've had trouble enrolling, we hope you've let someone know and asked an HR Representative for help.

Thanks for your patience as we introduce this new service!

Here is a common issue we've heard about, and hopefully this resolution helps you enroll even faster...

If you are unable to "Add a Service" to your current iPay Account, please follow the instructions below:

Users must have an iPay (electronic paycheck) Username & Password.

Once you have your iPay Username & Password available, you may continue with logging on to the ADP system to enroll in your 2011 Benefits.

1. Open a new internet window and go to: portal.adp.com
2. Click “User Login
3. Enter the iPay Username & Password that you use for iPay
4. Scroll over “Benefits” and click “Benefit Enrollment
5. Click “Annual Enrollment
6. Click on each of the different benefit options, and elect the coverage you want for 2011. Select which dependents you want to cover on the plan. After each benefit election, click “DONE.” Once you have enrolled in all of the benefits you want for 2011, click CONFIRM. Print your confirmation, or have it emailed to you.