26 January 2011

What you need to know BEFORE using your FSA Card

Even though we have FSA Debit cards this year, it is still important to save detailed receipts every time you use the card. The rules for FSA have become more strict in 2011, and it's important to stay on top of your purchases. If you use your card at a doctor's office, it is likely that you will still need to substantiate the purchase. If this is required, ADP will contact you by email to request substantiation. You'll need to fill out and fax in a form to do this. The Substantiation Form can be found in the document library on this website.

The Expense Substantiation Form must be completed entirely and signed. The receipt(s) must state the vendor name, vendor contact information, purchase date, a description of the expense(s) and the expense amount. A credit card receipt is not adequate documentation. Credit card receipts often do not list the individual items purchased along with a
description of the item. Be mindful of this before paying for services - and always request a receipt with the information required for substantiation.

If you use your FSA Debit Card at approved merchants for prescription drugs, no substantiation is needed. Click here to view a list of IIAS Certified Merchants.