17 February 2011

Online Health Webinars - NEW from Anthem!

Did you know that you have access to free online health webinars? As an Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield member, you can enjoy live online health webinars at no extra cost, straight from your desk. Plus, the webinars are brief and to the point - a good choice for those who are busy or on the go. Each webinar is presented by a medical director from Comprehensive Health Solutions, a dedicated group of people with different expertise. So, you can
be sure you’re getting help and your questions answered from a source you can trust.

At the close of every talk, you may decide to make healthy choices with new tips and techniques for improving your and your family’s health.
Registering for one of the DocTalk webinar sessions is easy. Just click here to sign up now at doctalk.webex.com.

Find more information about DocTalk by clicking here.