1 November 2011

2012 Open Enrollment: November 7 - November 18

Open Enrollment for the 2012 Plan Year will take place from November 7 through November 18

What does this mean to you?
Only those who wish to participate in the FSA program in 2012 or those who wish to change coverage levels or dependents must participate. If you do nothing, your elections will remain the same as they are today.

Benefits Open Enrollment Q&A:

Q: I am enrolled in Benefits already for this year 2011. Do I still have to make an election during Open Enrollment for next year?
A: No. Anyone who does not elect benefits during Open Enrollment will have the same medical, dental and visions elections they currently have.

Q: What about Dental? Since we have a new carrier (Delta Dental), do I need to sign up for that if I already have guardian?
A: No. If you are currently enrolled in Guardian Dental, your election will automatically enroll you in Delta Dental, effective January 1.

Q: Do I need to make a new election for my FSA if I had one in 2011?
A: Yes. You must make a new FSA election every year, no matter what.

Q: When is Open Enrollment?
A: November 7 through November 18.

Q: What if I forget to enroll?
A: If you forget to participate in Open Enrollment, you will not have the opportunity to designate an amount to go into your FSA Account, or remove or add dependents to your plans until November 2012.

Q: How do I enroll?
A: Open Enrollment will be online. Visit portal.adp.com and log in to complete your Annual Enrollment.

Q: I will be out of the office during Open Enrollment. How will I enroll?
A: You can enroll online from any computer, anywhere in the world.

Q: I just moved and I never got my Enrollment Kit in the mail. Now what?
A: All of the information contained in the Open Enrollment Kits is also available online here, at SMPbenefits.com.