5 July 2012

ADP Mobile Solutions – New FSA Feature!

ADP has introduced a new feature to its existing Mobile application - the new FSA (“Spending Account”) Mobile Feature. This new feature allows secure 24/7 access from your mobile device or web browser to quickly and easily view live data from your Health Care and/or Dependent Care Spending Account Plan(s).

In two clicks or less on your mobile device, the Spending Account feature allows you to:
• Check account balances
• View current year or previous year activity
• View year-to-date claims and contributions
• Activate a new FSA debit card or report a lost or stolen card immediately

To access the ADP Mobile Solutions application:
1) Using an Apple device- download the free app from the iTunes store, using this link: Apple App Store - ADP Mobile Solutions
2) Using a Blackberry, Android or Apple device or using a workstation- access the web using this link: https://mobile.adp.com
You will need to use your existing ADP Portal or iPay Statements User ID and password. For more information, please visit http://www.adp.com/gomobile.