3 February 2020

Positive Teladoc Testimonies

With Standard offering Teladoc to employees participating in one of our medical programs. Teladoc, has U.S. board-certified doctors and pediatricians that are available 24/7. Offering treatment for the flu, allergies, sinus infections, rashes, sore throats, behavioral health and more.

Here’s what some of your fellow coworkers had to say about Teladoc. . .

“I knew I had a sinus infection (or at least thought that) from the many I had experienced over the years. Not wanting to spend time at the doctor’s office, I thought I would try our Teladoc service. After requesting the Teladoc service on the web site, a doctor called within 10 minutes. After the normal doctor questions, an antibiotic and cough medicine was prescribed. After work, I was able to drop by and pick up my antibiotic prescription and started feeling better within the next 48 hours. It was quick and easy and will use again”. - Jackie, Independence

“I caught a bad chest cold near the end of September. I tried to make an appointment with my family doctor, but he did not have an appointment available until the next day. I remembered our health plan offered Teladoc for free since I had the PPO plan. I went online and setup my account. After registering, I answered a few questions and made an appointment for “as soon as possible”. Within 10 minutes, a doctor called me and asked me some general questions and asked me to describe my symptoms. The doctor sent 2 prescriptions to my local pharmacy and the symptoms went away within a week. I appreciate this option we have on our insurance and the fact that this was free. I would definitely recommend it for people to use. Teladoc saves money and does the job well!”. - Anonymous, Mishawaka