12 February 2021


The 2021 Wellness program is here and we have a few changes from last year. As a reminder, in 2021 if you and your spouse are covered under our medical plan you are required to take the following steps by October 15th, 2021 in order to avoid an increase in premium for 2022. You can check out the requirements below or go to smpbenefits.com.

Start by logging onto join.virginpulse.com/smp. If you are already registered from last year, your same username and password will still work. As a reminder, spouse’s must register on their own to complete the wellness program. They need to use their own biometric screening form in order for their requirement to be counted. Forms can be emailed this year instead of faxed. Please email your forms to forms@virginpulse.com.

For the rewards page overview: Click here.

How to get your biometric screening form: Click here.

Reminder that the tobacco journey for smokers/tobacco users takes a minimum of 15 days!

*You can use dates of service from 10/16/2020 through 10/15/2021.

As a reminder our medical insurance plan allows for one annual physical per year and does not require 12 months between appointments.