26 May 2022

Joyages - Mental Health Benefits


Our employees ‘mental health matters as much as their physical health. We understand some days, due to different factors your mental health can impact your ability to function to your fullest potential. As a company, we recognize that our employees are our most valuable assets which is why we highly encourage you to take full advantage of our mental health benefits, Joyages.

Joyages is an on demand coaching app created by experienced psychologists and brain health researchers to empower its users through a customized experience. It enhances employees’ skills on how to navigate daily life’s stressors and grants them free access 24/7 to all available resources. Whether you are coping with stress, seeking a deeper sense of purpose or trying to improve your relationships, Joyages is equipped to help you become a more resilient version of yourself.

Please, visit: https://www.joyages.com to sign up with our unlocking code: SMP21 and spend only 3 minutes daily with your digital life coach for mental and overall health improvement. For more information, please contact Joyages at: Info@joyages.com.

Please note: In the course of the next few weeks with each download using our employee discount code SMP21, Joyages will contribute $3 to the efforts of Ukraine.