26 May 2022

National Infertility Awareness Week


Standard Motor Products offers great support to all employees wanting to build a family.

In honor of National Infertility Awareness Week (NIAW) April 24-30, 2022, here is a friendly reminder of the many family building benefits we have available to help.

Our vendor Progyny gives our employees access to providers and assigned patient care advocates to guide them through their infertility journey. They have bundled all of their services into a Smart Cycle designed around the treatment needed based on the individual’s need. They offer different services such as IVF Fresh or Freeze All, Egg Freezing, and more.

Progyny is hosting an upcoming Webinar open to everyone on April 27th at 2 pm to learn more about different ways to build a family and how to find support. To participate in this Webinar, please click on National Infertility Awareness Week to register or email education@progyny.com with any questions you might have.

Our partnership with Maven also provides all employees with support in building a family and assistance from a personal care advocate to help navigate their journey. Through Maven, you have access to preconception experts, reproductive endocrinologists, mental health providers, lactation counseling, breast milk shipping, pediatric sleep coaching and more.

Additionally, Maven offers support to all members on their parenthood journey from the beginning to the end, 12 months from enrollment date for Preconception and Pediatrics.

Our Parental Leave policy helps accommodate aspiring parents and help them adjust to their new lifestyle during their parenthood journey by granting them time off for adoption, foster leave and even misfortunate events such as miscarriage. We also offer maternity and parental leave for new parents time to bond with their child.

Standard Motor Products strongly encourages its employees to take advantage of all comprehensive fertility and family friendly benefits available to them.