8 June 2022

Wellness Program Reminder

This is a reminder to complete all 3 sections of our 2022 Wellness Program by October 15th if you have elected an SMP-sponsored medical plan.

All employees, including spouses (if applicable) who are enrolled in a SMP-sponsored medical plan, must individually complete the yearly wellness program through Virgin Pulse from separate accounts before October 15, 2022.

Failure to meet the deadline on Virgin Pulse will result in a surcharge of $600 for the following year, even if your annual physicals were done prior to the deadline. Therefore, it is highly recommended that eligible employees begin the program to avoid the irreversible surcharge fee.

If you have started the Wellness Program, keep in mind you will not be fully compliant until all 3 required sections are completed.

The Wellness Program contains 3 sections that need to be completed:

  • Know your Numbers: In this section, you must complete BOTH the Annual Physical Date Attestation form AND the Biometric screening form.
  • Be Tobacco Free: In this section, you must complete EITHER the Nicotine Free Agreement Date Attestation form OR the Tobacco Journey if you use tobacco of any kind. Note: The tobacco journey takes a minimum of 10 days.
  • Preventive Care: In this section, you must complete EITHER an Annual Dental Date Attestation form OR any Cancer screening Date Attestation form.

Cancer Screening: Colonoscopy, Mammogram, Pap test, PSA, Skin Cancer.

Please note: New hires must wait 5 business days from hire date before registering for Virgin Pulse, and an additional 5-10 business days for our vendor to grant them access to the program. Employees hired after July 15th 2022, do not have to complete the Wellness Program.

If you require assistance on how to complete the program, please refer to www.smpbenefits.com under 2022 Wellness Program