10 April 2024

New 2024 Progyny Benefit - Menopause & Midlife Care


A new standard of care is here!

Progyny now offers Menopause & Midlife Care benefits to help support women through menopause and navigate midlife.

Progyny puts you and your health in focus by providing virtual care for all stages of menopause and all the unique symptoms that come with it. Get back to feeling your best with our new Progyny Menopause & Midlife Care through personalized care plan using a combination of hormonal and non-hormonal treatments, nutrition and weight management, sleep support, mental health care and more.

Here's what to expect when taking advantage of this new benefit:

  • Take a quick assessment
  • Book your first virtual visit
  • Meet with trained specialists in all stages of menopause and midlife care
  • Ongoing support

No more stress, confusion or struggling to find the right care. Contact Progyny at 888.597.5071 and get connected with a menopause expert to get started.

Please note, employees must be enrolled in one of our Anthem medical plans to take advantage of this benefit. If you have any questions, please reach out to benefits@smpcorp.com.